Celebrating The Festive Season With Your Baby

holiday-seasonWhen it comes to the holiday season there are many people that are looking for festive destinations that they can travel to in order to immerse themselves in the Christmas season. Many of these locations offer a plethora of different Christmas oriented functions and have some of the most immaculate Christmas displays found anywhere. Anyone that is interested, or fascinated, with Christmas decorations or activities should definitely put these locations on their list of “must see” places to go during the holiday season.


There are cities, such as Quebec in Canada, that offer its visitors a breath taking experience of lights, storytelling, and other nostalgic activities. The downtown is aglow with hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights to awe and amaze visitors. Barcelona, in Spain, also offers some of the most intricate and beautiful Christmas light displays that are available for viewing around Christmas time. One thing to note about traveling to this destination is that most of the festivities occur in early January which makes it a great place to visit after family get together for the holiday when admirers may still have vacation time that they can utilize walking through the streets and taking in everything that Barcelona has to offer at Christmastime.

Fun for the Whole Family

For those people that are looking to take the whole family to a family-oriented Christmas location there is no better place than Sana Claus, Indiana. This small, tightly knit community offers something for the whole family when it comes to Christmas. Whether it is partaking in one of their famous Christmas buffet with the kids, or a late night stroll with that special someone admiring all of the Christmas lights this town has something for everyone on the list. Speaking of lights, no place in the United States does it quite like New York City when it comes to the Christmas Season. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to the Big Apple each and every season to look at the sights and lights that the city that never sleeps has to offer.

Christmas Abroad

For those that are looking to travel abroad in order to see some of the best Christmas decorations, lights, and to partake in some truly wonderful festivities they can go to Salzburg, Austria where the family can spend an afternoon walking through the various markets, admiring the hand crafted Christmas goods that are available for purchase, and they can also sample the mouth watering local cuisine. Similarly, Nuremberg, Germany offers its visitors a unique Christmas experiences such as the Ferris wheel that the whole family can enjoy, or the parents can sit down and sample some of the best Gl├╝hwein that the world has to offer at Christmastime.

Other Fine Locations

Lastly, there are other locations that should be on every Christmas lover’s list. Places such as Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland with its festive village where the kids can feed the reindeer, help bake cookies, or the parents can take in some of the most breath-taking views that Finland has to offer. Reykjavic, Iceland also is a “must visit” for people that are looking for a unique Christmas experience. Taos, New Mexico, USA is also a great place to enjoy Christmas decorations, activities, and nightlife.

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