Disposable Diapers or Cloth Diapers: How Do I Decide?

Disposable Diapers or Cloth DiapersThe great diaper debate of cloth verses disposable has been going on for decades. There are pros and cons for both types of diapers and it really comes down to personal preference. There are many fallacies surrounding the arguments for each diaper. Do you know if the convenience factor of disposables outweighs the environmental benefits? How much do you know about these diapers and their value?

Which Is Better For The Environment?

It is often said that cloth diapers are better for the environment. It is true that cloth diapers don’t immediately go to the landfill, but the fact that they are cheaper is not accurate. See, a diaper may go to the landfill and cost more up front, but a cloth diaper has to be laundered. A load of laundry must be dedicated for these diapers and, to do a load of laundry takes detergent and water. Water, dirty water that is, goes back into the earth. So while it is easy to make a snap judgment that cloth diapers are better for the environment, there is really not a clear winner in this debate.

Cloth or Disposable, Which Is Cheaper?

The initial cost of cloth diapers can be a big investment, but it is usually a one-time cost and they can be passed down. It is estimated that it will cost about $800 for enough cloth diapers to do a child till potty training time. Those who use hand me down diapers can cut the cost to a mere $400. But this is just the cost of the diapers, this doesn’t include the diapers services that have to clean them, or the water and detergent if you launder them yourselves. Disposable diapers do not require any washing and they are convenient and easy to use. The cost for disposable diapers is roughly $2,500 for a three year period.

Convenience Must Be Considered

The convenience factor is one that must be weighed in. Disposable diapers are convenient and easy to use. They don’t require stick pins and bags to carry them in. While new styles have Velcro strips, some people still have a hard time with getting them on correctly. Disposable diapers use advanced technology that keep baby dry. Babies can develop a rash quickly if they sit in urine for an extended period; this is a downside to cloth diapers. A busy mom or dad might choose disposables over the laundering and having a load of soiled diapers sitting around to be washed. Diapers of any variety don’t smell well.

There Is No Clear Winner

Whether you choose to use disposable or cloth, there are many advantages to both and also disadvantages. As far as the environment and overall cost, they come out to just about the same, so there is no clear winner. Anyone who says the cloth diapers are much cheaper, it obviously forgetting all the little extras that go into using this natural method. Both diapers work and it’s just a matter of opinion as to which method is the best.

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