How to Massage Your Baby

How to Massage Your BabyYou can attain a great bonding time with your baby even at an early start – whether newborn or several years old – by giving him a loving infant massage. And as it becomes a focused therapy in the United States, various massage techniques that are effortless yet effectual can now be learned through certified instructors or just online.

Benefits for You and your Baby

The most vital profit it can impart on you is it reinforces and emphasizes your attachment and communication to your baby. Through this, you’ll feel more confident in handling your baby as your parental skills improve and your self-esteem increase. This could also be a great leisure time in promoting intimacy between you and your little one.

Infant Massage improves your baby’s physical, emotional and social well-being. It stabilizes their muscles; regulate gastrointestinal tract functioning, release of hormones and neurological development; improves circulation and respiration; boosts their immune system; enhances their sensory and body awareness while helping them feel relax and calm which reduces crying; improves their pain management that can alleviate their distress from teething, congestion and colic; reduces the level of cortisol which makes them stress thus helps them sleep deeper and more soundly.

How to Massage your Baby

Use a clean towel and massage oil. You can test if your baby’s allergic with it by applying the oil on a small spot in your baby’s skin and observing it. For your position, sit on the floor with your feet’s soles touching forming a diamond shape and drape the blanket over your feet and between your knees. After undressing your baby and supporting his head on your feet, start a gently yet firm and not ticklish “hello” stroke from head to toes. If the baby shows signs of irritability, move to the other parts of the body or just stop the massage. If your baby reacts well, softly go further.

Start with the tummy (Avoid the tummy if the cord isn’t completely healed). Use your fingertips in massaging his abdomen in a circular, clockwise motion. You could also place your hand horizontally and rock it from side to side time by time. Next proceed to his head and face. You could massage his scalp like you’re shampooing (Avoid the soft spot on top of his head). Then trace a heart shape on his face, placing your hands together at the chin; massage also his ears, eyebrows, closed eyelids, the nose bridge then his jaws by gentle strokes. Thereafter, at his chest, stroke outward from sternum to shoulders using both hands. After that, continue with his arms and hands, palms, fingers then at his back. His legs will be the last.

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