Picking The Best Breast Pump for You

Importance of Breastfeeding

Best Breast Pump When a baby is born, the most important thing to do for them is breast feed exclusively for the first six months. Other than nutrition, breast feeding ensures that your baby develops a strong immune system, boosts your baby’s intelligence quotient, and reduces the chance of the baby becoming obese and allergic. While many benefits of breast feeding are directed to the baby, the lactating mothers also gain in the process. It helps them reduce weight, decreases the risk of getting some types of cancer and reduces the risk of getting stressed and acquiring postpartum depression.

Reasons for Using Breast Pumps

Lactating mothers with busy schedules find it difficult to balance both. For sure it is tricky. Every child should have the pleasure to feed well. Mothers who have born twins can also have difficulties in breastfeeding especially if they are new mothers.

Lactating mothers can introduce the use of breast pump to express the milk and store it so that in their absence the care giver can feed the child. Mothers with low milk supply and those under medication should also consider using an electronic breast pump.

The Advantages of an Electronic Breast Pump

Usually there are two types of breast pumps; manual and electronic breast pumps. An electronic breast pump is more popular due to its advanced features which include; ease of use, high performance, and less hygiene issues. They don’t require human effort when using them. They have the ability to express milk from both breasts at the same time, thereby boosting your milk production. They are ideal for pumping the breast milk daily. Portable models are now available and amazingly, there is a special type of Electric breast bump for mothers and babies with medical issues.

Features of a Good Electronic Breast Pump

Buying an electronic breast bump is not an easy task. The market these days has a variety of models to offer. Lactating mothers have had issues before when looking for a quality electronic breast bump. Among some great tips to put in mind when purchasing an electronic breast pump include getting a breast bump with vacuum since this will allow you to be at ease and express the milk comfortably, look for a pump with high cycling times since it is fast and efficient and look for double bumping ability in order to boost your daily milk production.

Breastfeeding is a task every mother should do with pride. It is a god given duty that connects a mother and her baby. As much as possible, the mother should feed the baby directly instead of using the pump. Make a connection with you child from the start.

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