The Top Baby Essentials, and The Ones You Don’t Need

Having a baby can be a scary thing. There is so much to do before the baby arrives! The babies nursery needs to be painted, his crib needs to be put together, and the house needs to be baby-proofed. With all of these things going on it can be hard to remember all of the small details. Their are three baby essentials that are often over looks.

The first thing that many people overlook when preparing for a baby is a diaper wipe warmer. It can be extremely shocking to a baby when a cold wipe is used to clean them up. This can cause the child quite a bit of discomfort. A baby who cries a lot is more likely to swallow air, creating gas, casing the crying baby to be even more uncomfortable. This baby essential can help make diaper changes a less dramatic event.

The second thing that many people over look is a portable diaper changing station. No one wants to have to be in the nursery every time they want to change their babies diaper, and no one wants to be stuck at home all the time. This roll out mat can provide a sanitary, and comfortable, location to change a diaper anywhere. Not all locations have diaper changing stations in their bathrooms, so you need to be prepared. With this baby essential you can change your babies diaper in a car or on a bench. You will love the freedom that you get form the use of this item.

3The third baby item that many people forget is a bouncer or swing. Many babies are born with a type of acid reflux that they grow out of. During the first several weeks some babies cannot sleep laying down. If a baby has this type of acid reflux they will greatly benefit from a swing or some other method of sitting up while they sleep. Even if your baby does not have an issue with reflux they will still probably love their swing or bouncer. It is comforting for a baby to sway back and forth, and though you love your baby, you cannot hold them all of the time.

Having all of the baby essentials is very important to new parents. It can be difficult to remember all of the items that are need for a baby’s first six weeks. A diaper wipe warmer, portable diaper changing station, and a swing or bouncer are essential to a babies health and happiness in the first six weeks.

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