Tips for Choosing a Child’s Car Seat

car-seatWhen it comes to choosing your car seat for your new born baby it can be a difficult decision because it is one of the most important things for your newborn than anything else you will buy. You definitely do not want to rush in to making this decision you need to take your time in picking the right car seat. There are a lot of different brands to choose from. The law only states that you have to make sure to have a car seat installed in your car by the time your newborn is ready to go home. It is up to you to pick the right one that you feel will be safe for your newborns ride home. 

What to look for in your child’s car seat

When you look for your car seat you first want to make sure it fits in your car that you will be taking your newborn baby in. The height and weight need to be able to fit your newborn baby’s size and possible have the ability to adjust as you baby grows. A month after being born your child will almost double in weight and length. It is hard to determine exactly what your newborn will weigh until it is out of the mother’s tummy the doctor will give you a guess on how much your newborn will weigh but it is not exact. Best chance of judgement is go with what your doctors guess it might be then go two pounds less and two pounds more that way are covered either way. 

Installing your car seat

To know that you have installed your car seat properly you should read the directions do not just put in there and think that it is good because there is a lot more to installing a car seat then just buckling it in. If you are unsure that you are following the directions right you can go to your town’s local car seat checker place or call them. There they are able to tell you if it is right or wrong. It is what we did to make double sure everything is put in correctly really took a load off your minds when it has been double checked. 

Buying your car seat

When it comes to buying your car seat do not worry about how much it cost. It is hard not to because everything adds up and it can be very expensive but you do not want to buy a cheap car seat that could jeopardize your newborn’s safety. You do need a fancy expensive car seat either because you are really just buying all the nifty features rather then it being actually safe. You also want to double check car seat safety regulations before buying because they change the safety regulations often and you do not want to buy a car seat that has been recalled do to safety regulations. You also want the first car seat to be rear facing because your child will need to face backwards the first year of its life or until it reaches the proper weight to be turned front face. If you get a car seat that can change to a front facing at the proper time that will save you in the long run. 

Car seats from loved ones

A lot of times family hand down car seats from previous children. They mean well but that car seat is worn down and it may not pass for safety exception. Buying from a garage sale is not a good idea either. As I had explained previously an old car seat will not pass safety regulations and may break because it is used and warn down.

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